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Introducing our new FCP Plugin: Torn Newspaper 🗞️ 🎬

Revitalize your video projects with our latest release, Torn Newspaper, exclusively created for Final Cut Pro. This versatile tool allows you to effortlessly integrate classic newspaper-inspired designs into your videos, providing a timeless aesthetic reminiscent of print journalism.

Torn Newspaper, the package includes 6 frames, 12 lower thirds, 6 sidebars and 8 titles, exclusively for Final Cut Pro.


Currently, the plugin offers a collection of 32 easily editable templates with a wide variety of styles. The package includes 6 frames, 12 lower thirds, 6 sidebars, and 8 titles, enabling you to use it in various situations. Enjoy the diversity in designs and animations, along with an incredibly user-friendly editing panel, even for newcomers to Final Cut Pro.

Combine Multiple Elements: All titles are designed to be used alone or in composition with each other. Use your creativity to blend and create entirely new scenes from the predefined templates.

Exceptional Value at an Affordable Price: Like other plugins in our catalog, Torn Newspaper comes to you at an affordable price without compromising quality. Count on the nearly infinite possibilities of this package without straining your budget.

Additional Features:
  • Video tutorial available for simple and effective learning.

  • Regular free updates for continuous tool improvement.

  • Efficient support for all users.


We created this tool based on requests from some members of the Final Cut Pro community. With that said, everything has been designed to meet the real needs of end users during the editing process. If you're looking for high-level tools to enhance your arsenal in FCP, click the link below and try it for yourself. (Free trial version available in the FxFactory app)

Check it out here: Torn Newspaper 🔗

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