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The Best Plugin for Travel Videos - Now Even Better! 🌎 🎬

We've brought back one of our most successful tools among Final Cut Pro users, the Globe Trotter, now in its 2.0 version. In this update, we've worked to provide even more features for you, including new titles, icons, and functionalities in existing items like Globes and Maps. These enhancements are based on customer feedback from version 1.0, along with some additional features that we ourselves thought could be useful. Watch the demonstration video below to understand better...

Learn more about this plugin, visit the product page: Century - Globe Trotter 2 ↗
Download a free trial version through the FxFactory app: FxFactory - Globe Trotter 2 ↗
See more of our products here: Century - All Plugins

This was a free update for those who purchased the first version, as we will do for other tools in our catalog. It's always a pleasure to offer new solutions to the video editing and FCP community, I hope this is helpful for you. 🙏🏼

Take care!

Igor Fernandes


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